Climate and the Environment

The environment is everything that surrounds human beings and has an effect on us. How can we protect nature as well as plant and animal species, and not least the climate?

Personal matters in “Climate and the Environment”

  • Protection of natural habitats and biodiversity helps preserve threatened natural areas and wild species of plants and animals. Energy and raw materials are limited resources and should be used sparingly. You can also help fight climate change by reducing your energy consumption and by choosing a resource-conserving heating system or building style.
  • The state of soil and water affects many other parts of nature such as the climate, the natural habitats of animal and plant species, and the material cycle.
  • Radioactive materials occur in nature. However, they can also be created artificially and used in medicine or research, or in nuclear energy to generate electricity. There are stringent security requirements for handling radioactive materials because they can pose a danger to people and the environment.