Personal matters in “Taxes and Social Insurance Contributions”

  • Your tax return is due and you have all sorts of questions? You can find relevant advisory services, points of contact and information here. You can also find out about tax allowances or other tax relief options which you might be able to benefit from.
  • Who pays income tax? Employers deduct income tax directly from their employees’ salaries and pass it on to the tax office. The amount paid is calculated based on taxable income. Church tax is a tax collected by religious communities from their members. The amount paid is based on the amount of income tax paid.
  • What does being subject to social insurance mean? Everyone who is subject to social insurance must pay social contributions. Social contributions include health insurance, long-term care insurance, unemployment insurance and pension contributions.
  • Land tax and land transfer tax are levied on the ownership and the acquisition of land.
  • Local authorities can charge secondary home tax for secondary residences.
  • Motor vehicle owners must pay motor vehicle tax. Special provisions apply to people with disabilities.
  • Have you inherited something? You may have to pay inheritance tax. Gifts given during the lifetime of the giver are subject to gift tax.
  • Alongside the well-known taxes like income tax, land tax and inheritance tax, there are also other taxes for specific purposes, such as dog tax and trade tax.
  • The state provides numerous allowances and grants, such as the state subsidy for private pension insurance.