School, Vocational Training and higher Education

School, Vocational Training and higher Education

Are you just about to finish school or are you in vocational training? From starting school to completing school, on to vocational training or a university degree, learning for life is the goal, combined with having performance and certificates recognised, to guarantee the best possible job opportunities.

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    What do I need to think about when my child moves from primary to secondary school? How will my child get to school each day? Who is responsible for school transport? Between your child starting and completing school, you are bound to have lots of questions. You can find information on the German school system, from primary school right up to Abitur (university admission certificate), here.

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  • # Vocational training

    There are more than 320 occupations in Germany requiring formal training. What is the dual training system? This is the standard way of learning an occupation in Germany: a great deal of practical work, combined with study at a vocational school. You can find out more about vocational training here: From the initial medical examination for trainees to training times, possibilities for deducting periods in education from the overall length of training, successful applications to vocational schools and final exams.

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  • # Studying at university level

    What is a numerus clausus? How can I apply for a sabbatical semester? If you are studying at a university or would like to do so, this is the place for you. You will find information and services linked to university studies, from registering at a university and allocation of places to de-registering.

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