Personal matters in “Partnership and Family”

  • Sometimes a child’s biological parents are not in a position to look after the child. Children in this situation can be cared for by other families on a permanent or temporary basis. How does adoption work and who can provide advice if you would like to foster a child?
  • When you are looking for childcare, there are lots of questions to ask. Which nursery or school? What childcare options are available and how much do nurseries, after-school care and full-day schools cost? What assistance and financial support are available? You can find information and government services relating to childcare here for all age groups, from crèche for babies through nursery school and up to school.
  • Have you found your partner for life and do you want to make it official? Which authorities do you need to inform of your change in status and perhaps name when you get married? When planning and preparing for your wedding, you need to provide numerous different certificates, agree on the time and place, and clarify questions relating to property. Local registry offices are responsible for the majority of the government services you will need.
  • What is the process for divorcing or for dissolving a registered life partnership? What do you need to do for a divorce decree from another country to be legally valid in Germany? Who is involved in deciding on maintenance claims and the division of property and possessions?
  • There are numerous questions associated with separating or divorcing if you have children. What support is available to separated parents or lone parents? What do custody rights include? What do visitation rights include? Who can decide on what? What name do I use and what name does my child use? What happens if one of the partners remarries?