Personal matters in “Hobbies and Leisure”

  • Traditions and enjoyment are important. The authorities can often help you make sure your celebration or public event is a success. Please inform the administration in advance, so that any necessary permission can be obtained. You can find information and contacts at public authorities for events, gatherings and special use regulations here.
  • For many people, hunting and fishing are much more than just a hobby. Expert gamekeeping and caring for fish stocks require extensive knowledge and skills. Do you want to get your hunting or fishing licence? This section provides information and contacts at public authorities for the tests and permits necessary to allow you to hunt and fish.
  • There are more than 30 million pets living in households in Germany. Do you keep pets and have questions, for example about dog tax and keeping dogs? This section provides contacts at public authorities and information about keeping animals, pet taxes and legal questions, ranging from registering a dog to the protection of animals to keeping wild animals.
  • Ahoy there! Do you have a boat or would you like to become captain of your own ship? Whether it’s a dinghy, a motorboat or a yacht, there are certain things you need to know. Do I need a boating licence? What do I need to know about a boat registration number or about insurance?