Health Care and Prevention

What health care options exist and what assistance is available in cases of disability, illness, and need for care?

Personal matters in Health Care and Prevention

  • # Staying healthy

    Many illnesses can be avoided through preventive care or treated well through early detection. Here you will find an overview of the statutory health insurance schemes’ advisory and preventive care offerings, from vaccinations to cancer screening to dental check-ups. You will also find information about how to prepare yourself for serious situations through an advance care directive or a lasting power of attorney.

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  • # Illness

    Do you need help quickly in a medical emergency? Or do you need assistance with a difficult life situation? Here you will find information about services and contact people for everything from doctors’ visits to emergency rescue to addiction counselling.

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  • # Disability

    People with disabilities have a right to live the same way as people without physical or learning impairments. You will find information and services related to disability here.

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  • # Care provision

    Whether through an accident, a fall or an illness, people often find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly in need of care. Here you will find information about care provision and care allowance.

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