What is the Federal Portal?

Welcome to the Federal Portal, the federal administrative portal, a service provided by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI)!

From now on, the Federal Portal will provide you with centralised, convenient access to all federal, state and local government administrative services. This is a huge task, and the portal is still under construction. There may therefore still be elements and services that are missing.

A basic version of the Federal Portal is currently available and we will gradually expand and improve it. The initial aim is to demonstrate how you will be able to use the Federal Portal in the future. Our main goal is to constantly improve the user-friendliness of the site.

At the moment, you can use the search function to help you find all of the services provided online by federal, state and local governments.

Find government services

Whether you want to apply for parental allowance, find the right contact person for a new national identity card or receive information on setting up a business, the Federal Portal can find information and contact people at the relevant public authorities for any and every government service, so that you can get everything on your to-do list ticked off.

You can choose between a quick, simple keyword search or a search by topic area.

  • If you opt for a keyword search, enter your search term either in the “What are you looking for?” field or the “Find service” field on our site. A list of the results will be displayed for you. You can filter your search results by filling in the “Enter postcode or town” box.
  • If you opt to search by topic area, you will find these divided into personal matters on one side of the page and business matters for organisations and companies on the other. You can then look for the topic you want based on your individual situation, and you will find the relevant government services.

We scan the services offered by federal, state and local governments for you to find those that suit, and display the information we have collected. We do not actually compile the information – it comes from the public authority in question. This means that you can access first-hand, accurate information conveniently and directly from a range of different offices, knowing that it comes from serious, trustworthy sources.

As a general rule, the portal only provides a description of services for those services that are listed in the public administration’s catalogue of services. This means that there is as yet no suitable description of services for numerous topics and keywords. We are working on this.

Find invitations to tender and job vacancies

For the public, companies and public administrations, the portal www.service.bund.de is the central point of online access to electronic invitations to tender and job vacancies of federal, state and local administrations, as well as to the authorities and institutions of the federal administration.
The search option and the possibility to limit your search by town and radius mean you can target your search for relevant job vacancies and invitations to tender.

Plans for the future

In the future, we want as many online services of the Federation to be directly available on the Federal Portal as possible. A pilot project is under way.

The federal authorities are invited to integrate their online services into the federal administrative portal. Using the Federal Portal allows federal authorities to focus on the specialised aspects of their procedures and to reduce the technical burden to almost zero. Interested federal authorities should email support-bundesportal@bdr.de.

More existing and new online services are to be integrated progressively into the federal administrative portal. This will then allow you to complete certain administrative tasks completely or partly online. This means in many cases you will no longer have to visit government offices in person to carry out administrative tasks.

You can find more answers to frequently asked questions here.