Business matters in “Consumer Protection, Compliance and Rights”

  • Health risks can arise from facilities, products or food. It is the task of consumer protection to identify these risks and thereby protect the health of consumers.
  • A spirit of competition invigorates business. But to avoid socially and economically harmful excesses, there are rules of conduct for business. If you believe or suspect you are being subjected to misconduct, you can find relevant government services and contacts here.
  • No resolution in sight? There are conflicts that companies cannot resolve on their own; in such cases, they have to turn to a court. Here you can find information and government services regarding justice and your rights.
  • Your company depends on reliable payment from your customers. Are you having problems with customer payments? There are a variety of instruments to collect outstanding debts. Here you will find government services surrounding debtors and reminders for outstanding claims.
  • Fair and enforceable rules provide the foundation for economic growth and prosperity. Properly functioning competition is in the interest of both consumers and companies. Here you will find an overview of government services regarding the right of appeal.