Business liquidation and transfers of undertakings

Who will lead your business into the future? What formalities are to be taken care of when discontinuing a business or temporarily closing it? What should be considered when taking over an existing business? What does bankruptcy mean and when is restructuring advantageous? Here you will find an overview of relevant contacts at public authorities and relevant government services.

Business matters in “Business Liquidation and Transfers of Undertakings ”

  • Here you will find information and contacts at public authorities that are relevant if you wish to close your business or discontinue your self-employment permanently or temporarily – from commercial de-registration to deleting your entry from registers.
  • For many entrepreneurs, taking over an existing business is an attractive prospect: the business is already established on the market, it has an existing customer base, and it has a network of partners or suppliers. Here you will find government services and contacts at public authorities related to transferring a business.
  • If your company has ended up in financial difficulties, in some cases bankruptcy proceedings are necessary. In other cases, out-of-court restructuring can be advantageous: it saves court, administrative and insolvency administrator costs, and the restructuring does not need to be made public. Here you will find government services and contacts at public authorities that can support you in your situation.