Business matters in “Research and Development”

  • Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, investment in research has significant financial risks. Research projects can be supported through funding and advisory services. Here you will learn about the available opportunities.
  • Are you planning a research project? In the interest of protecting people, animals and the environment, certain research areas require authorisation. Here you will find an overview of contacts at public authorities and information about research.
  • The interlinking of technologies, capabilities and knowledge into a strong network for companies and public research institutions plays a particularly key role in research and development.
  • From research to the market: one of Germany’s strengths as a technology hub lies in the further development of scientific knowledge about products and services. Here you will find information and government contacts.
  • So that innovations can become established on markets and maintain their position: Do you want to protect your invention? Intellectual property needs to be protected effectively – nationally and especially internationally. You will find information and contacts here.