Financing and Assistance

Are you looking to the future and seeking to tap into new markets or invest in new equipment? Extensive public support is available to help your company maintain its competitive advantage for the long term. There are also numerous forms of assistance for companies in crisis. Here you will find information about assistance, financing and advisory services.

Business matters in Financing and Assistance

  • # Advisory services about financing and assistance

    When it comes to financing and financial support, the government helps companies and business founders by providing professional advisory services on business-related matters. In many cases, public funding is available for external advisory services.

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  • # Start-up financing

    Do you already have an idea of how much capital you will need? Sound financing is the basis for successfully founding a business. The funding model must suit you and your plan. Here we have gathered together information about services and contacts for start-up financing.

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  • # Funding for crisis management

    If your customers do not pay or if you suffer damage from natural forces, emergency relief, compensation or aid can help your company better manage crises and financial losses. Here you will find information about managing crises.

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  • # Assistance areas

    Assistance is meant to support businesses with many different types of projects and by doing so to boost the economy and create new jobs. Here you can find out about the major forms of assistance for each industry and for specific business situations. There is also information about EU assistance opportunities as well as options at the federal, state and local levels.

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