Business matters in “Construction and Real Estate”

  • Have you found a good location close to your customers? Property ownership, liens and rights concerning commercial properties are documented in the land register (Grundbuch) or the cadastral register (Liegenschaftsbuch) or cadastral map (Liegenschaftskarte).
  • The ideal location for a company depends on the industry, as each industry has particular factors to take into account. One thing is clear: for founders and entrepreneurs, choosing the right location is very important. From land use plans to property surveying, here you will find services related to your business location.
  • So that customers can reach your business easily and its infrastructure works well, here you will find an overview of information and contacts at public authorities for businesses regarding developing their premises, from how to receive a street number to how to connect to the water supply.
  • Whether your premises are located in a mixed-use neighbourhood, an industrial district or a protected historic building, here you will find government services, contacts at public authorities, and information about relevant experts for different industries.
  • Do you need a building permit, proof of residence or a demolition permit? Do you want to determine the market value of a property or do you need an energy performance certificate? Here you will find services and contacts at public authorities regarding building procedures.
  • In the interest of protecting people and the environment, the public authorities issue requirements for buildings as needed. Fire safety is especially important. Here companies will find contacts at public authorities and government services related to building safety.