Business matters in “Being an Employer ”

  • Having the right employees is a crucial part of a business’s success. The government assists businesses with hiring processes to help them find new employees who are a good fit professionally and personally. You can find relevant information and services here.
  • Where do employees have to be registered? What other formalities have to be taken into account? Do you want to hire new employees for your business? Here you will find relevant information and government services.
  • Providing basic and advanced training to your own employees is advantageous to all involved and is becoming increasingly important given the growing competition for skilled workers. Here you will find an overview of information about training and skills certification, as well as relevant government services.
  • What has to be registered where and how if, for example, the employment status of one of my employees changes? A number of legal requirements must be followed, particularly regarding social security for your employees. You can find the relevant information and services here.
  • Protecting employees and minimising dangers: Do you need information about special regulations concerning working hours? Does your business work with hazardous substances or facilities? From special permissions to health certification, here you will find an overview of administrative information and services concerning occupational safety and health.
  • Family-friendliness is an important factor in the attractiveness and competitiveness of businesses in Germany. Studies show that the better work and family life can be balanced, the more skilled workers are available on the labour market. There are special regulations to provide economic stability for families. You will find the relevant information and services here.
  • Along with the usual working hours, there are special regulations for certain situations. Examples include part-time work for older employees and winter pay for employees in weather-dependent industries. Here is an overview of information and services regarding these regulations.
  • From a company going out of business to an employee reaching retirement age, employment can end for a number of reasons. Here you will find an overview of the different services related to specific situations.