Facilities, Goods and Materials

Whether you are equipping buildings, starting operations at production facilities, or interacting with hazardous substances or goods in a safe and professional way, you need to comply with regulations for the protection of people and the environment. Here companies can find important information on relevant topics from facility inspections to product authorisations.

Business matters in “Facilities, Goods and Materials”

  • Facilities often have an impact on the environment – through noise, vibrations or emissions. That is why in many cases, operations require authorisations and are subject to regular inspections. You will find information and services here.
  • For the protection of people and nature, the handling of certain materials and the distribution of certain goods is regulated. This applies specifically to pharmaceuticals, active ingredients, and particularly hazardous substances such as radioactive material. You can find the relevant information here.
  • Smoothly functioning processes and procedures can help companies achieve a high level of safety. This applies to facilities, trained specialist staff, and of course the products themselves. Here you will find an overview of government services regarding inspections and certificates to document safety measures and expertise.