international payments when selling goods and services online

Information about Rights & Duties

Offering online facilities for cross-border payments when selling goods and services online

Selling goods and services

Selling products in the EU

Within the EU's internal market goods are allowed to circulate freely, provided they meet the right standards. Find out what EU requirements must be followed for the products you sell and when you have to report your goods movements.

Providing services abroad

Depending on what services you offer and for how long, you may be able to provide services in another EU country without setting up a company or branch there. Find out when this can be done, for which sector and type of sales.

E-commerce, distance and off-premises selling

There are specific rules you need to follow when selling to the final consumer that you don't meet face-to-face (as long as certain conditions are met). For example, information should be provided clearly and in writing and your customers can withdraw from the contract within 14 days - without any penalty and without having to give any reason.

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