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Forestry associations (FV) are associations under private law of forestry associations or similar associations. Their exclusive purpose is to adapt forestry production and the sale of forestry products to market requirements.

Informal application for recognition and granting of legal capacity Copy of the founding minutes of the association Copy of the attendance list of the founding meeting original articles of association, dated and signed by all members of the board of directors List of members and areas of the forestry association Contact details of the forestry association Application for exemption from fees, if applicable

Informal written application

the forestry association must be a legal person governed by private law the forestry association must be capable of having a lasting effect on the adjustment of forestry production and the marketing of forestry products. the statutes must contain provisions on the mission of the forestry entity and its financing; the forestry association must allow substantial competition to exist on the timber market
§ 38 Federal Forest Act (BWaldG) § 19 Federal Forest Act (BWaldG) (conferment of legal capacity) § 22 German Civil Code (BGB) (economic association)

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Informal written application for recognition and granting of legal capacity to the highest forestry authority of the state All required documents must be enclosed in full

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