Apply for a grave permit

With the excavation certificate, the construction company receives the approval to carry out the construction project on the affected ground.

With the excavation certificate, the construction company receives the approval of the road developer to carry out the construction project on its land. The developer registers the construction project and thus has the opportunity to check the proper restoration during or after completion of the construction project as well as after the end of the warranty period.

With each excavation, the condition and quality of the traffic space are changed. In order to minimize follow-up costs for the general public, the coordination of excavations is important and to determine warranty claims, the client of the excavation must be known.

More legal certainty is created for all parties involved, as there is documentation of the interventions for the excavation site, from which the rights and obligations of the parties involved can be derived.

Excavations in public transport areas are therefore generally subject to approval.

The excavation certificate must be kept ready by the construction company at the workplace for control purposes.

Exception: relocation or modification of telecommunications lines. According to § 68 TKG, no excavation permit is required for this, but only the consent of the road construction carrier (from 01.12.2021: § 127 TKG). Operational and maintenance work is subject to approval, as this work is covered by the consent given at the time of installation.

. Hint:

In the context of line laying on road areas, corresponding usage contracts may also have to be concluded.

The local civil engineering office needs an application for permission for an excavation and, if necessary, a site plan section.

The LBV-SH requires different documents depending on where the excavation is to be carried out. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the LBV-SH in this regard.

The excavation permit can be applied for informally at the local civil engineering office.


The excavation certificate does not replace any other necessary permits, such as a traffic law order."

  • §§ 10, 28 Abs. 1 Nr. 2 Straßen- und Wegegesetz des Landes Schleswig-Holstein (StrWG),
  • Telecommunications Act (TKG).

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