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The Schleswig-Holstein Landtag has set up a Petitions Committee to deal with petitions (requests and complaints from citizens).

Article 17 of the Basic Law grants everyone the right, individually or in association with others, to write to the competent authorities and to the parliament with requests and complaints.

The Schleswig-Holstein Landtag has set up the Petitions Committee to deal with requests and complaints petitions in order to safeguard rights vis-à-vis state authorities of the state. It also has the task of hearing the persons of trust in popular initiatives in accordance with Article 41 of the state constitution.

The Committee on Petitions sees itself as an advocate against injustice, discrimination and unequal treatment by public authorities.

With a petition, impulses for the control of the administration and suggestions for legislation can be given directly to the Landtag. The petition is an out-of-court remedy that can be used at any time, not only if no other legal hearing has been found.

This depends on the individual case and is at the discretion of those who apply to the Committee on Petitions (petitioners). It makes sense to attach to the petition a copy of the contested administrative decision or decision.

A petition must be written, the name and address of the addressee must be identified and signed by hand. A petition submission form is available at:

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The Committee on Petitions cannot examine judicial decisions or matters of private law.
Further information on the Committee on Petitions can be found on the website of the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament.

  • Committee on Petitions
  • Article 17 of the Basic Law (GG),
  • Articles 19 and 41 of the Constitution of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein,
  • § 41 Rules of Procedure of the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag (LTGO SH).

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