Private fireworks: exemption

Private individuals who want to burn fireworks on a day other than the turn of the year need an exemption permit.

Private individuals over the age of 18 may only burn pyrotechnic articles at the turn of the year (31 December/1 January). This applies to fireworks of class II or according to the new designation pyrotechnic objects of category F2 ("New Year's Eve fireworks").

You need an exemption if you as a private person (i.e. without being in possession of a permit under §§ 7, 27 of the Explosives Act or a certificate of competence in accordance with § 20 of the Explosives Act) would like to burn off fireworks (Class II/Category F2) yourself for another period of time (i.e. between 2 January and 30 December).

The exemption can be granted for a reasoned reason (e.g. Golden Wedding); however, there is no legal entitlement to it. The exemption may be subject to conditions.

Where an exemption is granted, it shall be made public.

Copy of identity card (as proof of age).

The application must be made informally, but in writing. It must contain the following information:

  • Cause
  • Date and
  • Burning place of the fireworks.


Even with such an exemption, private individuals may not burn class III/category F3 (medium fireworks), IV/F4 (large fireworks) or T/P1, P2, T2, T2 (pyrotechnic articles for technical purposes or stage fireworks).

Holders of a permit or a certificate of proficiency in accordance with the Explosives Act (§§ 7, 27, 20 SprengG) must notify fireworks of class II/category F2 in advance in writing between 2 January and 30 December. Fireworks of class III/category F3, IV/F4, T / P1, P2, T1, T2 must be notified in writing all year round. In accordance with § 23 of the 1st SprengV, a period of two weeks before the fireworks are burned down applies; in the immediate vicinity of railway facilities, airports or federal water/maritime waterways, a period of 4 weeks applies.

§ 24 First Ordinance to the Explosives Act (1st SprengV).

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