Found animals and animal shelters

If you have found a runaway animal, you must report this find to the responsible authority.

If you have found a runaway dog or other animal, you must report the find to the competent authority.
Please place the animal in the care of the competent lost property authority. This is then responsible for the species-appropriate accommodation.

As a rule, found animals are housed in animal shelters. Animal shelters provide the species-appropriate accommodation required by the Animal Welfare Act, care and nutrition as well as necessary veterinary treatment of the animals.


If you want to be recognized as a suitable person or body - usually as an animal shelter - and apply for financial contributions for the safekeeping of the found animals, please contact your municipality, office or city administration in writing (informally).
Further information can also be found in the state portal "Agriculture and Environment Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Protection of animals

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