Schöffin / Alderman (Honorary Judge): Application

If you would like to take on an honorary position as an alderman, you can apply to the municipality in which the district or regional court is located.

Schöffin / Alderman (Honorary Judge): Application

Fit for the office of aldermen

Information for aldermen

Aldermen are the honorary judges working at the criminal courts at the district and regional courts. They participate with the same rights and obligations as the professional judges in the decision-making process in criminal proceedings. In concrete terms, this means that aldermen and tribunals, together with the professional judges, rule on the guilt and innocence of the accused and, in the event of a guilty verdict, also on the sentence to be imposed. The office of aldermen is therefore a responsible and socially important honorary office.

Aldermen's Primer Information for Elected Aldermen

In the Aldermen's Primer, we have compiled information for aldermen, but also for those interested in the Aldermen's Office. The aldermen's primer, which you can download or order below, will provide you with information on the following questions:

  • What are aldermen?
  • Who can become a schöffin or alderman?
  • How do I apply as an alderman?
  • Who should I contact?
  • What deadlines do I have to observe?

In addition, the aldermen's primer gives an overview of the rights and duties of aldermen. Last but not least, the aldermen's primer also contains information about the requirements for the office of aldermen. In principle, no special knowledge of the law is required of aldermen. In particular, aldermen should contribute their social skills, their knowledge of human nature and their empathy as well as their life and professional experience to the main hearing. Nevertheless, basic knowledge of criminal procedure law is important for the responsible exercise of aldermen's activities. Therefore, the Schöffenfibel also provides detailed information about the structure of the criminal jurisdiction, the course of the criminal proceedings and the advice of the court.

Further information

In addition, further valuable information is available for aldermen, those interested in the office of aldermen and those involved in the election of aldermen:

Election procedure and interesting facts for aldermen

With the leaflet for aldermen, which you can download below, you will also be provided with essential information about the aldermen's office. Here you will find, for example, information about the process of the aldermen election as well as about who can become aldermen or aldermen.

Comprehensive information on the election procedure for aldermen and interesting facts about the office of aldermen, such as answers to frequently asked questions, can also be found on the websites of the Northern Association ( ) and the Federal Association ( ) of the German Association of Aldermen (DVS).

Aid for municipalities and proposing organisations

On the website of the DVS ( ) municipalities and proposing organizations also receive assistance.

On the basis of sample texts, practical information is given to local administrations and the members of the representations as well as to social organisations on how interested citizens can be made aware of the office and mobilised for it. Forms are intended to simplify the work of the clerk in the administration.

  • Aldermen's Primer
  • Leaflet for aldermen

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