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Would you like to provide high-quality services as an expert or investigating body in the EU for tasks under the Federal Soil Protection Act? Then you can apply for official recognition. This serves as proof of qualification to clients.

The soil protection law of the Federal Republic of Germany provides that the qualifications of experts and inspection bodies can be recognised by a competent authority.

Particularly qualified persons (experts) or testing bodies (testing laboratories and samplers) can apply for their respective recognition in a federal state. This recognition is then valid nationwide. The procedure to be followed is governed by the law of the federal state in which recognition is applied for. If this country does not have its own recognition procedure under national law, it is governed by the law of the country in which the procedure is carried out.
Upon completion of the procedure, you will receive a decision in writing.
Recognised experts and investigation bodies are also announced in the online research platform ReSyMeSa www.resymesa.de so that service seekers can contact these service providers.

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Weitere Informationen und Regelungen zur Untersuchung von Abfällen, finden Sie im Landesportal.

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State Soil Protection Laws

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