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If you want to carry out an auction, you must notify us in writing in advance.

If you want to carry out an auction, you must notify us in writing.

If you want to auction unused goods, one of the following exceptional reasons must exist:

  • The goods come from
    • an estate,
    • an insolvency estate, or
    • a business task, or
  • the goods are sold by public auction on the basis of statutory provisions.

No notification is required when auctioning agricultural inventory, agricultural and forestry products or livestock.

  • information on the place and time of the auction,
  • the description of the product category,
  • Declaration that only used goods are to be auctioned. If in doubt, you may be asked to provide evidence.
  • Certificate of permission for the auctioneer trade according to § 34 b Abs. 1 Gewerbeordnung, if it is not already available.
  • indication of the place where the auctioned goods are located until the day of the auction,
  • indication of the viewing times,
  • Assurance that the notification including documents in copy will also be sent to the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

For the auction of unused items, the following additional information or documents are required:

  • If it is a public auction: Proof of the public order as an auctioneer (§ 383 paragraph 3 civil code - BGB).
  • Reason for the auction as well as the names and addresses of the clients,
  • Assurance that the auction is not spatially or temporally related to another sales event. Exception: It is an eviction sale due to business cessation.


You may not start a new auction at the place of the previous auction until the previous auction was completed at least five working days ago. No auction may exceed the duration of six working days (§ 3 paragraph 3 VerstV).

§ 3 Ordinance on Commercial Auctions (Auctioneer Ordinance - VerstV).

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