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The offering of goods (bargaining) and hospitality activities in the travel industry are excluded from the Sunday and public holiday rest.

If you are in a travel business, you must always comply with the provisions of the Shop Opening Act and the Law on the Protection of Sundays and Public Holidays. An exception to sunday and public holiday rest applies to the offering (sale of goods) and to hospitality activities in the travel industry. In addition, the exemptions apply to self-employed traders who visit other persons in the course of their business.

Further exceptions must be expressly permitted upon written request by the competent authority.

  • identity card or other official identity document with passport picture,
  • Commercial register extract and
  • Travel trade card.


The trade code refers to a travel trade as an outpatient trade, for example owner of a market stall, showman or "flying trader". You operate a travel business if you offer goods or services on a commercial basis outside your commercial establishment or without any prior appointment. To operate a travel business you need a permit, the travel business card.

  • Section 55e (2) sentence 3 Of Trade Code (GewO),
  • National Ordinance on Administrative Fees (General Fee Tariff) Tariff 11.7.9 b - VwGebV.

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