Blasting: Display

An explosion with explosive substances must be reported to the State Occupational Safety and Health Authority.

The person responsible for an explosion with explosive substances must notify the competent authority in writing of the detonation.

The responsible person must be the holder of the permit for the acquisition and handling of explosive substances and the holder of a certificate of competence for the handling and/or traffic of explosive substances in accordance with the Explosives Act.

Excluded from the notification obligation are blasts in plants that are approved in accordance with § 4 of the Federal Immission Control Act (for example, in quarries).

The notification must be made in writing in duplicate and contain all the information specified in § 1 of the Third Ordinance on the Explosives Act. The display shall indicate:

  • the place, day and time of the blast (in the case of several blasts, the period in which they are to be carried out),
  • the name and address of the persons responsible for the demolition, and
  • Number, date and issuing authority of the valid permit according to § 7 or § 27 of the Explosives Act and the valid certificate of competence according to § 20 of the Explosives Act.

In addition, the following information or documents must be attached:

  • description of the blasting work according to the type, method and extent of the blasting,
  • explosive data, such as the type and maximum amount of explosives and detonators to be used per blast,
  • distance of the blast sites to particularly vulnerable buildings and facilities within a radius of at least 1,000 m, in particular to hospitals, schools, old people's and children's homes, sports facilities and playgrounds,
  • security measures, in particular cover rooms for employees, barrier measures on traffic routes and precautions to protect neighbouring homes and workplaces against stone flight, vibrations, explosive plumes and noise,
  • scale site plan (barrier plan) or documents with information on the distance of the blast sites from traffic routes, homes and workplaces as well as public utilities within a radius of at least 300 m, and
  • if necessary, calculation and planning documents as well as expert opinions.


If, after reimbursement of the advertisement, changes have occurred to the content of the advertisement, a notification of change is also required in duplicate.

  • § 1 Third Ordinance to the Explosives Act (3rd SprengV),
  • § 4 Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG).

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