Explosive substances: storage - approval

A permit is required for the storage of explosive substances.

In principle, a permit in accordance with the Explosives Act (SprengG) is required for the storage of explosive substances. Both are subject to approval

  • the establishment and operation of warehouses in which explosive substances are to be stored for commercial purposes, as well as
  • the substantial change in the nature or operation of such warehouses.

The permit also includes other official decisions concerning storage, in particular building regulations. For warehouses that are part of a plant requiring approval in accordance with § 4 of the Federal Immission Control Act, the permit under the Federal Immission Control Act includes the permit under the SprengG.

The approval may be limited in content and subject to conditions, insofar as this is necessary to ensure in particular precautions against dangers to life, health and material goods. The subsequent amendment and addition of conditions is permissible.

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs may stipulate by decree that certain explosive substances may be stored in whole or in limited quantities under specified conditions without authorisation. The prerequisite is that the risks caused by the nature, extent and duration of such storage are compatible with the protection of employees or third parties.

The following documents should be attached to the application for a storage permit pursuant to § 17 of the Explosives Act with the indication of the type and quantity of explosive substances (BAM group, storage group, compatibility group):

  • Field map with marked deposit,
  • Floor plan of the deposit with escape and rescue routes and storage area(s),
  • Specifications
  • Fire protection concept according to the Industrial Building Directive with floor plan and location of the safety equipment (such as extinguishing devices),
  • Concept for the prevention of incidents with safety management,
  • Information about the company, address and contact person of the company.


The 2nd Ordinance to the Explosives Act contains exceptions which, depending on the type and quantity of substances, constitute the legal exemption from the approval requirement.

  • § 17 Act on Explosive Substances (Explosives Act - SprengG),
  • Second Ordinance on the Explosives Act (2nd SprengV).

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