Crafts: Public appointment and swearing-in of experts

An expert can be recognised as those who possess the necessary expertise and have special objectivity and trustworthiness.

Publicly appointed and sworn experts are characterized by special expertise, objectivity and trustworthiness. They are subject to supervision by the competent Chamber of Crafts (HWK).

Publicly appointed and sworn experts are all persons appointed and sworn in by a public institution. According to the Crafts Code (HwO), it is the task of the Chamber of Crafts to appoint and swear in experts for the reimbursement of expert opinions on goods, services and prices of craftsmen and of craft-like trades.

The basis and requirements for the public appointment and swearing-in result in detail from the Expert Regulations (SVO) issued by the Chambers of Crafts. The SVO determines the selection and appointment procedure according to which the Chambers of Crafts carry out the public appointment, standardises the rights and obligations of the experts and regulates the legal relations between experts and the Chamber of Crafts.

  • Confirmation that a certificate of good conduct (for submission to an authority) is or has been applied for,
  • application for swearing-in and public appointment,
  • Assurance that orderly economic conditions exist and that no commercial prohibition proceedings have been initiated,
  • Curriculum vitae, proof of education and qualifications,
  • Photograph
  • Company description,
  • Excerpt from the central trade register/entry in the register of craftsmen or proof of the management function in a company registered with the HWK.

Required applications and forms can be obtained from the responsible HWK.


Further information can be found on the website of the Expert Database of the Craft Sector (Expert NAVI).

  • Experts NAVI

§ 91 Abs. 1 Nr. 8 Gesetz zur Ordnung des Handwerks (Crafts Code - HwO).

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