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Some vocational training courses end with an examination before the examination board of the respective chamber.

Continuing vocational training ensures the maintenance and expansion of the professional ability acquired in the first educational pathway. To prove the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired through continuing vocational training, examinations are carried out so that one can have one's training qualification recognised. To carry out these examinations, the competent body (e.B. the respective chamber) sets up examination committees.

A prerequisite for the recognition of the training qualification is that the responsible Federal Ministry (e.B. Federal Ministry of Education and Research or Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture) has established a further training regulation for a relevant continuing vocational training by means of a statutory ordinance. If there is no such ordinance independent of the chamber, the competent chamber may issue further training examination regulations. Both the training regulations and the continuing training examination regulations define the name of the training qualification, the aim and content of the examination, the admission requirements and the examination procedure.
The examination of the admission requirements (usually a successfully completed vocational training and relevant, several years of professional experience) is carried out on the basis of the respective examination regulations.

If the examinee submits an application, he or she shall be exempted from taking individual parts of the examination if he fulfils the following conditions:

He has successfully passed another comparable examination before a public or state-recognized educational institution or before a state examination board.
In addition, registration for the advanced training examination must have taken place within five years of the announcement of the passing of the other examination.

Any necessary registration or application forms can be obtained from the competent chamber.


If the training regulations or a regulation of the competent body provide for admission requirements, foreign educational qualifications and periods of professional activity abroad are taken into account.
Further information on further education and training can be found on the websites of the responsible chambers.

  • HWK - Continuing Education
  • IHK - Continuing Education
  • LWK - Courses/Seminars
  • RAK - Training for notaries and specialist lawyers
  • Chamber of Tax Consultants Advanced Training
  • Medical Association - Further training for doctors
  • Medical Association - Further training for medical professionals
  • Dental Association Further education and training
  • Chamber of Veterinarians - Further education and training for veterinary assistants
  • Chamber of Pharmacists - Pharmaceutical Training

§§ 53 - 57 in the .m §§ 71 - 75 Federal Education Act (BBiG).

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