Vocational training: Final examination

The vocational training relationship ends at the end of the training period and the successful final examination.

The vocational training relationship ends at the end of the training period and the successful completion of a final examination before the examination board(s) of the chamber responsible for vocational training.

Those who have completed their training periods and can prove all other requirements (e.g. intermediate examination) are admitted to the final examination.
Anyone who has been trained in a recognised training occupation at a vocational training institution (e.g. youth development organisation) will also be admitted.

In the case of outstanding achievements, admission to the final examination can be granted before the end of the regular training period.

The trainee will be given a written certificate after successful completion of his/her final examination. This ends the training relationship.

To register for the final examination, you must complete a registration/application form and submit it to your competent chamber. Please contact your competent chamber in this regard.


The final examination result will be communicated by the examination board on the day of the oral examination. The preliminary examination results of the written final examinations can usually be accessed online. For data protection reasons, the test results or examinee numbers may not be communicated by telephone.

Apprentices must be released to take part in examinations. For the period of leave, the trainee will continue to be paid the training allowance.

People with disabilities should already point out their special concerns when registering for the final examination so that they can be taken into account when carrying out the final examination.

Information about the final examination can also be found on the websites of the competent chambers.

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  • Medical Association - Examination for Medical Assistants

§§ 39 et seq. in conjunction with § 71 of the Vocational Training Act (BBiG).

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