Customs Passport Booklet (Carnet-ATA)

An ATA carnet is used for the temporary duty-free import of consumer durables in international trade and in international cultural activities.

The ATA Carnet is an international customs passport booklet. In international trade and in international cultural activity, the booklet facilitates the temporary import and export or transit of professional equipment, trade fair goods and samples. If you use a carnet, you do not have to deposit any customs duties or other charges in the importing or transit countries and, moreover, you do not have to make any special customs declarations.
The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) issues the ATA carnet to companies and natural persons resident in its chamber district.

  • "Application for the issuance of an ATA carnet and for the conclusion of a deposit insurance" (obtained from your Chamber of Industry and Commerce),
  • Identity card
  • Extract from the register of trade, cooperatives or associations,
  • Extract from the Central Trade Register and
  • possibly: Proof of public status.

Applications and forms can be obtained from the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce or from form publishers.


The issuance of the ATA carnet is linked to the conclusion of a deposit insurance with the Euler Hermes Germany branch of Euler Hermes SA registered in Hamburg.

Only consumer goods are referred to as "carnet-capable goods", but not consumer goods. Also excluded are goods that are imported or exported for the purpose of processing or repair. The same applies to perishable goods and those that are to be changed or adapted for testing purposes or that are intended from the outset to remain abroad. The ATA carnet is usually valid for one year. It is recognized in about 75 contracting states (as of May 2015).

Further information on the ATA carnet procedure can be found on the website of the IHK Schleswig-Holstein.

  • ATA carnet procedure

The current international legal basis is the "Convention on Temporary Importation" signed in Istanbul on 26 June 1990 with its various annexes, which was published in official Journal of the European Community No L 130 on 27 May 1993.

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