Take the dangerous goods driver test

To transport dangerous goods by road, you must have an ADR training certificate.

To do this, you must first attend a training course of at least two and a half days with a recognized course organizer. You must then pass an examination at the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

The test for dangerous goods drivers is usually carried out by the locally responsible IHK after the corresponding training in the premises of the training organizer.

The training courses and thus also the examinations are divided into basic course, advanced course tank, advanced course class 1, advanced course class 7 and refresher training. Each training course concludes with a

The duration of the examination is:

  • Initial training
    • Basic course 45 minutes
    • Advanced Course Tank 45 minutes
    • Advanced Course Class 1 30 minutes
    • Advanced course class 7 30 minutes
    • Refresher training 30 minutes

The ADR training certificate is valid for five years from the date of passing the basic examination. For the extension of the ADR training certificate for another 5 years, a refresher training must be attended and the refresher examination must be passed. This must be done before the expiry of the validity of the ADR training certificate. If the date of validity has been exceeded, an initial training and examination must be completed.

ADR training certificates will be renewed for a further 5 years from the effective date if the refresher training has been successfully completed within 12 months prior to the expiry of the ADR training certificate.

  • Registration of the examination participants usually by the training organizer
  • Examination form
  • Transcript
  • Forms: yes
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required: yes (for the exam)


You will only be admitted to the respective examination if you have participated in the corresponding training recognized by the IHK without absence.

Admission to the examination for an advanced course only takes place if you have passed the examination for the basic course in addition to participating in a recognised training course.

You will only be admitted to the refresher examination if:

if you present a valid ADR training certificate in addition to participating in a recognized training.

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First, you will attend a course of at least 2.5 days with a recognized organizer.

  • As a rule, you will be registered by the training organizer for examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). If not, register online or in writing with the IHK.
  • The CHAMBER of Industry and Commerce carries out the examination. This is usually done directly after the course in the rooms of the organizer.
  • The test is passed if the error number specified on the test sheet has not been exceeded.

After passing the examination, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce will issue you with the ADR training certificate and you can take action.

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