Dangerous Goods Officer: Acceptance of the inspection Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry carry out the necessary tests for dangerous goods officers.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) is responsible for carrying out the examinations of the dangerous goods officers in its district. It determines the place and time of the examination.

The dangerous goods officer can only be the one who has a valid training certificate for the corresponding mode of transport. You acquire the necessary expertise for the first time by participating in a basic course, which must be recognized by the locally responsible IHK. Following the course, a basic examination for the respective mode(s) of transport must be successfully passed before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This exam can be repeated once (without a new course). Only then does the Chamber of Industry and Commerce issue the training certificate.

The examination takes place exclusively in writing and in German.

The renewal check can be completed at any time before the expiry of the validity. If the renewal examination is passed within 12 months before the expiry of the training certificate, the proof of training will be extended by a further 5 years from the expiry date, otherwise (more than 12 months before expiry) will be extended from the date of the examination. The repetition of the extension examination within the period of validity of the training certificate is not restricted.

  • Identity card
  • Course confirmation for the basic examination,
  • valid proof of training for the renewal examination,
  • IHK registration form for the examination.


Further information on the subject of dangerous goods can be found in the Schleswig-Holstein state portal.

  • Hazardous material

§ 7 Ordinance on the Appointment of Dangerous Goods Officers in Companies (Dangerous Goods Officers Ordinance - GbV).

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