Substances hazardous to water: Notification obligation according to § 40 of the Ordinance on Plants for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water (AwSV) for Plants for handling water-polluting substances

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Anyone who wants to build or substantially change a system subject to inspection for the handling of substances hazardous to water or wants to take measures at this plant that lead to a change in the hazard level must notify the competent authority in writing at least six weeks in advance.

The display must contain information

  • to the operator,
  • the location and demarcation of the plant,
  • the water-polluting substances handled in the plant,
  • on building authority proof of usability as well as on the
  • technical and organizational measures that are important for the safety of the plant.

Forms are available for download on the homepage of the Lower Water Authority of the district or the independent city.


The establishment of

  • Installations for which a suitability assessment in accordance with § 63 of the Water Resources Act (WHG) is requested,
  • other installations that are the subject of an approval procedure under other legal provisions (e.B. according to the Federal Immission Control Act or the Building Law), provided that compliance with the requirements of the AwSV is also ensured in the approval procedure.
    Those procedures may ensure the involvement of the competent authority within the authority.

§ 40 of the Ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water (AwSV).

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