Highway Code: Exemption

Under certain conditions, exceptions to the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations can be approved on request (e.B. from the ban on stopping).

According to § 46 sec. 1 sentence 1 of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), the competent authority may approve exceptions in certain individual cases or in general for certain applicants. This applies to exceptions:

  1. the regulations on road use (§ 2),
  2. the prohibition on entering a motorway or a motor road or using it with vehicles not registered there (§ 18 para. 1, 9),
  3. of stopping and parking bans (§ 12 Abs. 4),
  4. the prohibition of parking in front of or opposite property entrances and exits (§ 12 para. 3 no. 3),
    • 4a. the provision to stop at parking meters only while the clock is running, at parking ticket machines only with a parking ticket (§ 13 para. 1),
    • 4b. the provision to park in the area of a zone prohibition (signs 290.1 and 290.2) only during the time prescribed there (§ 13 para. 2),
    • 4c. the regulations on the towing of vehicles (§ 15a),
  5. the provisions on the height, length and width of the vehicle and load (§ 18 (1) sentence 2, § 22 (2) to (4)),
    • 5a. the prohibition of the unlawful carriage of persons (§ 21),
    • 5b. the provisions on the wearing of safety belts and the wearing of safety helmets (§ 21a),
  6. the prohibition on exporting animals from motor vehicles and animals other than dogs from bicycles (§ 28 sec. 1 sentences 3 and 4),
  7. the Sunday and public holiday driving ban (§ 30 Abs. 3),
  8. the prohibition on putting obstacles on the road (Paragraph 32(1)),
  9. the prohibitions on operating loudspeakers, offering goods or services on the street (§ 33 para. 1 no. 1 and 2),
  10. the prohibition of advertising and propaganda in connection with traffic signs (§ 33 sec. 2 sentence 2) only for the areas of light columns on which public transport stop signs are attached,
  11. the prohibitions or restrictions imposed by regulatory signs (Appendix 2), directional signs (Appendix 3), traffic facilities (Appendix 4) or orders (§ 45 para. 4),
  12. of the night and Sunday parking ban (§ 12 Abs. 3a).

In addition, according to § 46 (2) StVO, the competent supreme Land authorities or the bodies designated under Land law may grant exemptions from all provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations for certain individual cases or generally for certain applicants.

Evidence of the requirement for an exemption.
Special regulations apply to large-capacity and heavy-duty transports. Further information can be obtained from the competent authority.


Exemptions are granted only if there is an urgent need, taking into account the safety and order of traffic.

  • § 46 Abs. 1 und 2 Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung (StVO)
  • Schedule of Charges for Road Transport Measures (RFees), Fee No. 264

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