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A corpse passport may be required to transfer a corpse to a place outside Schleswig-Holstein.

A corpse passport can be requested for the transfer of a corpse to a place outside Schleswig-Holstein.

A corpse passport is only required within Germany if the destination federal state or a federal state touched on the journey requires one. In the case of transport of corpses from other countries of the Federal Republic of Germany to or through Schleswig-Holstein, carrying a death certificate or death certificate is sufficient.

A corpse passport is required to transfer a corpse abroad.

The prerequisite for the issuance of a corpse passport is that the civil certificate of death is available and that the possibility of burial at the place of destination is proven.

The corpse passport is issued in several languages.

  • death certificate or death certificate,
  • Certificate of proper registration by the funeral company,
  • as long as the certificate of death does not bear the mark of the registry office: approval of the municipal administration in whose district the death occurred,
  • in the case of evidence of a non-natural death or the corpse of an unknown person: authorisation of the Public Prosecutor's Office or the Local Court.

Check with the appropriate authority to see if you may need to provide additional documentation.

Section 11 Law on the corpse, burial and cemetery system of the state of Schleswig-Holstein (Burial Act - Burial Act).

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