Food safety: approval procedure as private experts for cross-samples

As a private expert for cross-samples, you need an approval for the examination of samples that have been officially left behind.

As part of the official monitoring of foodstuffs and commodities, samples of foodstuffs, cosmetics, consumer goods and tobacco products are regularly taken to check their marketability.

Economic operators may have the samples examined by private experts (cross-sampling experts) at their own expense in order to refute complaints from the supervisory authorities and to demonstrate that they have complied with their duty of care.

As a private expert, you need an approval for the examination of officially left behind samples. You must have the training required in your respective field of expertise and have completed a practical activity of two years in this field. In addition to your professional competence, you must also be able to prove that you have a test laboratory suitable for the proper execution of the examination.

Only private experts who are approved for this activity by the competent authorities of the federal state in which they have their headquarters (headquarters of the laboratory) are authorised to examine the counter- or secondary samples referred to in § 43.1 sentence 2 of the Food and Feed Code and § 42.1 sentence 2 of the Provisional Tobacco Act (except feed).

The requirements for approval are described in the Cross-Sample Ordinance and in the Cross-Sample Expert Testing Laboratory Ordinance.

  • Application
  • Documents relating to professional qualifications (e.g. state-certified food chemist or veterinarian, other university degree), namely: proof of relevant expertise and curriculum vitae,
  • personal declaration of commitment,
  • Certificate of good conduct according to § 30 BZRG.

All documents must not be older than one month.


  • Recognition within the meaning of Directive (93/99/EEC) for the test sites accreditation,
  • Declaration of employment relationship.

The application for approval as a cross-sample expert in accordance with § 43 of the Food and Feed Code (LFGB) can be submitted informally.


Special admission requirements apply. These are regulated in the Cross-Sample Ordinance and the Cross-Sample Expert Testing Laboratory Ordinance.

A nationwide list of officially approved cross-sample experts is available on the homepage of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL).
Further information on food safety can also be found there.

  • BVL - Sample experts
  • BVL - Managing Risks-Protecting Consumers
  • Ordinance on the Admission of Private Cross-Sample Experts and on Regulations for Official Cross-Samples (Countersample Ordinance - GPV),
  • Ordinance on the Evaluation and Recognition of Testing Laboratories as a Prerequisite for the Approval of Private Cross-Sample Experts for the Examination of Samples (Countersample Expert Test Laboratory Ordinance - PrüflabV)
  • § 43 Of the Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Code (Food and Feed Code - LFGB).

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