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The competent authority may order measurements of emissions and immissions as part of the monitoring of installations.

Within the framework of immission control, people, animals and plants, soil, water, the atmosphere as well as cultural and other material goods are to be protected from harmful environmental influences and the emergence of harmful environmental effects is to be prevented.

The competent supervisory authority may order measurements of emissions and immissions as part of the monitoring of the systems in accordance with § 26 of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG). In the case of plants requiring approval, the competent authority determines initial and recurring measurements in accordance with § 28 BImSchG with the approval of the system.

This also applies to the verification of proper installation and function as well as calibration of emission measuring devices.

The measurements are carried out by measuring points that have proven their competence and have been notified by the competent authority (according to state law) in accordance with § 26 BImSchG.

The nationwide application for notification according to § 26 BImSchG with the required evidence is required.

The application forms (nationwide set of forms) can be downloaded from the websites of the research system Measuring Points and Experts.

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