Naturopath: Permission to use the job title

If you want to work as a non-medical practitioner, you must either be a licensed doctor or have a non-medical practitioner's license.

Anyone who wants to practice medicine professionally must either be a licensed doctor or have a non-medical practitioner's license.
The permit entitles you to use the professional title "Heilpraktikerin/Heilpraktiker". The sectoral permits entitle the practice of medicine only in the limited field.
The practice of medicine is any professional or commercial activity carried out to detect, cure or alleviate diseases, suffering or bodily injury in people, even if it is carried out in the service of others.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the following job titles are currently awarded:

  • Naturopath,
  • Alternative practitioner limited to the field of psychotherapy or
  • Naturopath limited to the field of physiotherapy.

The following documents must be submitted in full no later than 2 months before the written review :

  • Application for a permit under the Heilpraktikergesetz.
  • Declaration that
    • no other authority has submitted an application under the HP Act on which a decision has not yet been taken.
    • no judicial or public prosecutor's proceedings are pending (self-declaration).
  • Copy of identity card
  • a certified proof that at least the lower secondary school leaving certificate or an equivalent qualification (completed primary school education) is available
  • an extended, police certificate of good conduct ( document type OE) in the original (at the time of the written check not older than 3 months) (Note: You need a corresponding certificate from your health authority to apply)
  • a medical certificate in the original (at the time of the written review not older than 3 months) must be submitted accordingly!
  • Short CV
  • for applicants according to the workplace principle: Since this is an exception, the application must be accompanied by a detailed explanation of the facts on the basis of which the profession of alternative practitioner is to be practiced in the future in the requested catchment area. The declaration must be credible and clearly comprehensible . In addition, it must be stated for what reasons the application was not made at the place of residence. In the case of a residence outside Schleswig-Holstein, the intention to open a practice in the requested catchment area is not credible if the current residence is maintained. (Note: in the case of intentionally incorrect information, an entry in the Federal Central Register will be made and the permission may be withdrawn). Appropriate evidence must be attached to the application.
  • In addition, in case of verification limited to the field of physiotherapy, the certified professional certificate is also submitted .

Information on the application process can be obtained from the district or independent city in which you want to work.
Information and dates for the non-medical practitioner examination by the district of Nordfriesland as well as an object catalogue for the knowledge tests can be found on the website of the district of Nordfriesland.

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In addition to the formal requirements such as age and school leaving certificate, it is checked for the granting of permission whether the applicant recognizes the limit of his /her medical powers as a non-physician, i.e. whether he/she knows what he/she has to refrain from in order not to harm his/her patient, and when the patient must be referred to a doctor (knowledge check).
The permit will be sent to the applicant. If facts subsequently arise that would justify a refusal of the permit, the district/city in which you made the application may revoke this permission on the basis of § 7 HeilprGV in conjunction with § 117 para. 2 no. 3 LVwG.


  • The applicant must have reached the age of 25 when the permit is granted.
  • The permit is granted after a successful review procedure (written and oral-practical) by the responsible health authority.
  • Under certain conditions (illness on the day of review or certain exceptional circumstances), participation in the registered examination may be postponed once to a later date. In all other cases (e.g. not enough time to learn), the exam cannot be postponed.
  • If you are absent unexcused on the day of review, a fee-based rejection of the requested permit may be considered.

Special features for psychologists:

If you have obtained a degree from a German university as a diplom-Psychologe / Diplom-Psychologin and have taken and passed the subject Clinical Psychology, you can usually get the alternative practitioner's license limited to the field of psychotherapy without having to participate in a knowledge check for alternative practitioners (case law: BVerG of 10.02.1983 (NJW 1984, 1414)).
In this case, the aforementioned application documents must be submitted in full. In addition, a certified copy of your diploma certificate and the degree certificate of the university, which shows that you have taken and passed the subject Clinical Psychology, will be provided.
Please note in your application that you apply for the non-medical practitioner's license limited to the field of psychotherapy according to the file as a diplom-Psychologe / Diplom-Psychologin. According to the German Quality Framework (DQR), a Master's degree program and the diploma program correspond to level 7. A Bachelor's degree programme is therefore not sufficient for analogue recognition according to the file.

Special features for physiotherapists:

If you have a license as a physiotherapist and would like to apply for the limited knowledge check for the alternative practitioner in the field of physiotherapy, please note that with this non-medical practitioner permit you may continue to carry out only the treatments that you are allowed to use as a physiotherapist. The non-medical practitioner's license in the field of physiotherapy offers you only the opportunity to carry out the treatments that you have previously carried out on the prescription of a doctor on your own responsibility as a naturopath without the doctor's prescription. If you use procedures that are not allowed to you as a physiotherapist, you may commit a crime. If you want to use therapy procedures (e.g. osteopathy) that you are not allowed to use as a physiotherapist, you must acquire the unrestricted (large) alternative practitioner's license.

Special features for physiotherapists working in the field of osteopathy:

In the judgment of the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf of 08.09.2015 (I-20 U 236/13), the exercise of osteopathic activities was classified as practicing medicine. Thus, the practice of osteopathy is only permitted by doctors and alternative practitioners. Physiotherapists who want to use osteopathic activities so far and in the future must therefore acquire the unrestricted (large) non-medical practitioner permit according to the current legal situation.

  • Act on the Professional Practice of Medicine without Bestallung (Heilpraktikergesetz),
  • First Implementing Ordinance to the Act on the Professional Practice of Medicine without Bestallung (Heilpraktikergesetz - HeilprGDV 1),
  • First Implementing Ordinance to the Act on the Professional Practice of Medicine without Bestallung (Heilpraktikergesetz - HeilprGDV SH 1).

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