Bookmaker (Betting): Permission

Anyone who wants to place or mediate bets at public horse races as a bookmaker requires a permit.

If you want to make or broker bets at public horse races as a bookmaker on a commercial basis, you need a permit.

Permission is granted for

  • the location where the bets are received or brokered,
  • for you as the responsible bookmaker and
  • for the people you use to conclude and broker the bets.  

Permission can be granted with time limits and conditions. A security deposit must also be deposited.  

  • Police certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority pursuant to § 30 (5) BZRG (not older than three months) by the acting person(s),
  • Extract from the Central Trade Register for submission to an authority pursuant to § 150 (5) GewO,
  • Copy of the identity card (front and back with clearly recognizable image),
  • Proof of at least two years of practical work in the bookmaking trade as a bookmaker's assistant of an approved bookmaker. The applicant may also provide proof of professional competence in other ways; in this case, a statement from the German Bookmakers' Association must be obtained.
  • Proof of equity in the amount of 25,000.00 euros. In doing so, the applicant must prove that this is also not partly borrowed money or capital from a partnership of third parties and
  • Floor plan drawing of the betting office and photocopy of the rental agreement (proof of ownership, if applicable) for this business premises.


With the initial application for a bookmaker's permit, the application for the bookmaker's assistant permit can also be submitted at the same time. With this application, the necessary documents must also be submitted for the assistant.

The business premises (colloquially also referred to as "betting office") in which the bookmaker or his or her bookmaker assistants exercise the bookmaker's trade must be a closed room that must not be associated with such rooms for which a dispensing licence exists. The accommodation of bookmaker shops/extensions in business premises used for other business purposes, such as lottery shops, exchange offices, cigar shops, barber shops, may be permitted if these premises appear suitable for the exercise of the bookmaking trade at the discretion of the licensing authority.

The business premises are to be identified externally by a company sign that bears the first and last name of the bookmaker with the addition "Officially approved bookmaker" (and, if necessary, the further addition "extension").

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