Building Template Permission

Certain building templates require a signature of a design author (e.B. an architect).

Building templates for the non-procedural construction and modification of buildings must be signed in accordance with § 64 (4) sentence 1 landesbauordnung für das Land Schleswig-Holstein (LBO) by a design author who is entitled to a building template; According to § 55 LBO, the prerequisite is the expertise and experience required for the preparation of the respective construction project.

According to § 65 Abs. 3 LBO, anyone who is entitled to a building template on the basis of

  1. of the Chamber of Architects and Engineers Act (ArchIngKG) is entitled to use the professional title "architect",
  2. of § 9 abs. 1 of the ArchIngKG is entered in the list of engineers entitled to a building template or in whose or his activity as an external engineer the requirements of § 9a of the ArchIngKG are met,
  3. of the ArchIngKG is entitled to use the professional title "interior designer" or "interior designer", for the planning belonging to the professional tasks of the interior designer in accordance with § 1 para. 1 no. 2 of the ArchIngKG or
  4. of the ArchIngKG is entitled to use the professional title "landscape architect" or "landscape architect" for the plans belonging to the professional tasks of the landscape architect according to § 1 para. 1 no. 3 of the ArchIngKG.

According to § 65 (2) LBO, the aforementioned restrictions do not apply to building templates that are usually written by specialists with training other than § 65 (3) to (5) LBO as well as to minor or technically simple construction projects.

§ 65 para. 4 LBO contains regulations for the limited building template authorization with regard to residential buildings of building class 1 as well as subordinate single-storey extensions to existing residential buildings of building classes 1 to 3. § 65 para. 5 regulates the building template authorization for companies.

The aforementioned draft authors pursuant to § 65 (3) and (4) LBO must be sufficiently insured against professional liability or otherwise insured against civil liability for their activities (§ 65 (6) LBO).

Information on necessary documents can be obtained from the competent authority.

§§ 55, 64 and 65 Landesbauordnung für das Land Schleswig-Holstein (LBO).

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