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If you want to operate a pharmacy, you need a permit.

If you want to operate a pharmacy, you need a permit from the competent authority. You can apply for permission for your head office and up to three branch pharmacies. Permission is granted to you personally and for specified premises and obliges you to personally manage the pharmacy on your own responsibility. Several persons together can operate a pharmacy only in the legal form of a partnership under civil law (GbR) or a general partnership (OHG). The permit is mandatory for all shareholders.

Requirements include:

  • that the applicant has full legal capacity,
  • the German license to practice medicine as a pharmacist and
  • has the required reliability, and
  • that he has suitable rooms for the operation of a pharmacy.

In the case of a new facility and in the case of a business takeover, an acceptance inspection by the competent authority is carried out as part of the procedure.

The permission expires

  • by death,
  • by waiver,
  • by taking back or revoking the licence to practise as a pharmacist, by waiving the licence to practise or by revoking the licence in accordance with § 2 (2) of the Federal Pharmacists' Regulations or
  • if the licence has not been used for one year (the competent authority may extend the period if there is good cause).

Since different documents are required, depending on whether it is a permit for the new construction, the purchase of a pharmacy, for a two-pharmacy, the lease of a pharmacy / branch pharmacy / mail order pharmacy, it is recommended to contact the competent authority in advance in this regard.

The application for permission to operate one or more public pharmacies can be found on the website of the State Office for Social Services.

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The Pharmacy Act also provides for cases where the applicant does not have the necessary licence to practise medicines, is a citizen of another state, the dispatch of medicinal products subject to pharmacy requirements is offered or the application is made for several public pharmacies.

Further information on contact persons in Schleswig-Holstein can be found on the website of the state government.

  • Drug monitoring in Schleswig-Holstein
  • § 2 Of the Pharmacy Act (Pharmacy Act - ApoG),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (General Fee Tariff), subheading 9.7.1.

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