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The operation of old people's homes/nursing homes must be reported to the home supervisory authority.

Inpatient care facilities (nursing homes) in accordance with the Social Security Code are self-employed institutions in which people in need of care:

  • be cared for under the constant responsibility of a trained nurse,
  • can be accommodated and fed all day (fully inpatient) or only during the day or only at night (semi-stationary).

If you want to operate an old people's home / nursing home, you must report this to the home supervisory authority.


  • They must be able to ensure sufficient and uniform nursing care for those in need of care in the long term,
  • Your care and care must correspond to the quality required by the Nursing Care Insurance Act and the framework agreements,
  • Your care facility must:
    • work economically,
    • are under the professional responsibility of a trained nurse,
    • employ suitable nurses and
    • be accommodated in suitable premises.

Necessary documents for the notification of the operation of special forms of living, care and care are regulated in § 13 Self-Determination Strengthening Act (SbStG).

  • Social Code (SGB) - Eleventh Book (XI) - Social Care Insurance,
  • Act on Social Protection of the Risk of Long-Term Care (Pflege-Versicherungsgesetz - PflegeVG),
  • Implementing Act to the Nursing Care Insurance Act (Landespflegegesetz - LPflegeG),
  • § 13 Act on the Strengthening of Self-Determination and Protection of Persons with Care Needs or Disabilities (Self-Determination Strengthening Act - SbStG) Care Code Schleswig-Holstein - Second Book,
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (Allgemeiner Gebührentarif) Subheading 11.14.4 - VwGebV.

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