Animals: Slaughter - Designation of a person authorised to issue instructions

Anyone who carries out / has slaughtered commercially must appoint a person authorised to issue instructions.

If, as an operator of a slaughter facility or as a trader, you slaughter on average at least 50 livestock units per week or provide workers who feed, stun or bleed animals for slaughter, you must appoint to the competent authority a person authorised to issue instructions for compliance with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.

In individual cases, operators of the following animal husbandry, facilities and establishments may also be obliged to appoint a responsible person authorised to issue instructions:

  • Livestock holdings, including horse husbandry.
  • Establishments in which
    • animal experiments are carried out,
    • interventions or treatments are carried out on animals for education, training or further education,
    • interventions or operations are carried out on vertebrate animals for the production, production, storage or reproduction of substances, products or organisms;
    • vertebrate organs or tissues are removed in whole or in part for the purpose of transplantation or the planting of cultures or the examination of isolated organs, tissues or cells,
    • vertebrates are killed for scientific purposes or for education, training or further education.
  • institutions and establishments,
    • who transport animals on a commercial basis,
    • where animals are fed, cared for or housed during transport.
  • Circus establishments which are not operated on a commercial basis.


Further information can also be found in the state portal "Agriculture and Environment in Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Veterinary offices in Schleswig-Holstein

§ 16 Abs. 4a Tierschutzgesetz (TierSchG).

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