Catering: Outdoor catering - special use permit

If you want to use public areas for the construction of an outdoor restaurant, you need a special use permit.

A use of public road space that goes beyond or restricts common use constitutes a special use. It requires the permission of the road construction carrier and is subject to a fee.

If you want to use public spaces in front of your restaurant or café for the construction of an outdoor restaurant, you must first apply for a permit for special use. The permit is granted by decision to the applicant and can be provided with conditions, conditions and time limits. Whether and with which ancillary provisions the permission is granted is at the dutiful discretion of the authority.

  • Site plan with dimensions
  • Information on the location, type and duration of the special use as well as the size of the required road areas

Applications must be submitted informally.

Electronic application for a special use permit for outdoor catering (for the application via the Point of Single Contact Schleswig-Holstein)


If you operate a restaurant business subject to a permit, the existing restaurant permit for outdoor catering must be extended. From a certain number of seats or if buildings, such as platforms or canopies, are to be erected, a building permit may also be required.

Should unauthorised special uses or violations of conditions from the special use permit be detected in the course of control activities, appropriate regulatory measures will be initiated (e.g. warning, fine and penalty payment, substitution).

  • § 8 Federal Highway Act (FStrG),
  • § 21 Roads and Ways Act of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (StrWG SH).

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