Public Weighing: Public Order

If you want to work as a weigher, you need an approval.

Public weighing is when weighing goods can be weighed impartially for third parties.

Weighers are publicly appointed and obliged to work on public scales. In order to be publicly appointed, the weigher must:

  • have the required reliability,
  • prove the required expertise by means of an examination at the responsible calibration office and
  • have reached the age of 18.

Weighers must submit the application for public appointment in writing to the competent authority. The order may be limited in content, issued with a condition or time limit or attached to a condition. The order is made by handing over an order certificate.

Orders can only be placed for the types of scales for which the weigher has demonstrated expertise. The order is subject to the requirement to observe the "Instruction for Public Weighing" (Weighing Instruction).

Weighers are obliged to perform their duties conscientiously and impartially by oath before the order certificate is handed over by the competent authority.

As a publicly appointed weigher, the authority will assign you a serial number and a stamp for the duration of your work on certain scales. The stamp bears your serial number and the atomic number of the competent authority.

  • identity card or passport,
  • Certificate of good conduct.

Weighers can apply for their public appointment to the competent calibration authority informally, but in writing.

  • Ordinance on the Placing on the Market and Making Available of Measuring Instruments on the Markr as well as on Their Use and Calibration (Measurement and Calibration Ordinance - MessEV),
  • Fee Ordinance for Measurement and Calibration (Measurement and Calibration Fees Ordinance (MessEGebV).

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