Repairing measuring instruments: Approval as a repairer

If you want to repair measuring instruments, you need an approval.

During calibration, a tested measuring device that complies with the legal requirements is marked as calibrated by a calibration mark and protected against interference by a security stamp. Depending on the type of measuring instrument, the calibration period (duration of validity of the calibration) varies between 6 months and several years, sometimes indefinitely. Newly placed measuring instruments correspond to calibrated measuring instruments and do not require calibration for the duration of the first calibration period.

The competent authority may repair or repair establishments which repair or repair calibrated measuring instruments or measuring instruments equivalent to calibration (repairers) at whose request they authorise the authorisation to identify repaired measuring instruments by means of a special mark (repairer's mark). Only measuring instruments marked in this way may continue to be used in accordance with calibration law after a repair with a security stamp violation.

The power is granted on request. In particular, expertise must be taken into account in the assessment. As proof is sufficient for the persons who carry out repairs

  • a passed vocational training in a technical field or
  • at least one year's activity in the field of maintenance or repair in a technical field.

Furthermore, knowledge of calibration law/calibration technology is required. Maintenance personnel for electronic equipment must be specifically trained in measuring instruments by the manufacturer or a distributor authorized by the manufacturer.

The application shall specify the types of measuring instruments for which the repair authorisation is requested.

As documents may be required to prove the above conditions, it is recommended that you contact the competent body in advance in this regard.


Further information can be found on the website of Eichdirketion Nord (EDN).

  • EDN
  • Ordinance on the Placing on the Market and Making Available of Measuring Instruments on the Markr as well as on Their Use and Calibration (Measurement and Calibration Ordinance - MessEV),
  • Fee Ordinance for Measurement and Calibration (Measurement and Calibration Fees Ordinance (MessEGebV).

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