Catering establishment: Food law information (proof of information) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone applying for a restaurant permit must prove that he/she has participated in a food law briefing.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) carries out the information on food and hygiene regulations and issues a certificate for this, the so-called proof of information. As a founder in the hospitality industry requiring a permit, you must provide proof of this proof of instruction from an IHK to apply for the restaurant permit.

If you want to run a restaurant, you will come into contact with food on a daily basis. The necessary principles for handling food will be taught to you in the instruction of the IHK. Among other things, the topics of hygiene regulations, food law, beer, wine and milk law as well as beverage plant law are taken into account.

The briefing is usually held in German. In some chambers of commerce and industry, interpreters can be provided as needed for a fee.

The certificate of participation in the information (proof of information) will be handed over by the IHK after the event. It applies nationwide.

Upon application, you can be exempted from catering training if you have already completed certain state-recognised training occupations with an examination before an IHK, Chamber of Crafts or a Crafts Guild and the contents of the restaurant instruction were the subject of the training and examination.

Valid identity card, passport or driver's license.

§ 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 4 Gaststättengesetz (GastG)

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