Apprentice role: Shortening / extending apprenticeship time Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The abbreviations or extensions of apprenticeship periods are entered in the apprentice role.

Shortening of apprenticeship periods:
The apprenticeship period (training period) can be shortened if the achievement of the training goal is to be expected in the shortened time. The application for an abbreviation must be submitted jointly by the apprentice (trainee) and the trainee. This also applies to the crediting of previous vocational training to the apprenticeship period.

Extension of apprenticeship:
The apprenticeship period may be extended in exceptional cases if the extension is necessary to achieve the training objective. The application for an extension must be submitted by the apprentice, and the trainee is heard before the decision is made.

  • information on the existing apprenticeship contract/training contract,
  • Justification for the abbreviation or extension.


The abbreviation or extension is entered in the apprentice role by the Chamber of Crafts after approval. A further notification by the training company is not necessary.

  • § 27b Gesetz zur Ordnung des Handwerks (Crafts Code - HwO),
  • § 8 of the Vocational Training Act (BBiG).

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