Craftsmen's Roll: Exemption Permit

Persons who have not yet passed the master craftsman's examination in full can apply for an exemption permit from the Chamber of Crafts.

The Chamber of Crafts grants exemptions for persons in their district who wish to independently practice a craft or an essential craft sub-area before a master craftsman's examination or equivalent examinations have been completed in full or because the completion of the master craftsman's examination is not reasonable.

The applicant must explain the reason for the exception and be able to demonstrate master-like knowledge and skills in both the technical and commercial areas.

The derogation may be granted under conditions or conditions or for a limited period and may be limited to a substantial part of the activities forming part of a business listed in Annex A. Exemptions are personal.

  • Application for an exemption (with justification),
  • Proof of the professional and commercial knowledge and skills acquired so far (e.g. through certificates, work or course certificates).

§ 8 Gesetz zur Ordnung des Handwerks (Crafts Code - HwO).

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