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The Chamber of Crafts shall keep a register in which persons are to be entered who carry out a simple activity of a craft subject to authorisation.

The Chamber of Crafts maintains a register in which persons are to be entered who independently carry out in their district a simple activity of a craft of Annex A subject to authorisation, which is not considered to be an essential activity.

Activities that can be learned within three months or require a longer training period, but are irrelevant to the overall picture of the craft subject to approval in question, are not considered essential. Furthermore, activities that have not arisen from a craft subject to licensing are considered non-essential.

The following prerequisites must be met:

  • You must have successfully passed the journeyman's examination in a craft subject to admission,
  • the activity in question must have been part of the initial training in that craft subject to authorisation, and
  • the activity must have constituted the predominant part of the commercial activity.

Proof of passing the journeyman's examination.

§ 90 (3) and (4) of the Act on the Order of crafts (Handwerksordnung).

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